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Big John’s Beef Jerky is the epitome of savory indulgence for discerning snack enthusiasts! Hand crafted with precision and passion, our beef jerky is a testament to premium quality and robust flavor. It’s available in all these flavors, including our award winning Original flavor, 8 spicy varieties and our newest Cilantro Lime flavor. Enjoy!

Prices: 1.75 oz bag – $4.99 / 3.5 oz bag – $7.99 / 1/2 Lb – $15.99 / 1 Lb – $31.49

  • Original

    Get ready for a taste sensation that's been perfected since 1976—our revamped Original flavor! Handmade, hickory smoked, and bursting with our secret spice blend, it's the ultimate blend of savory, smoky, and peppery goodness. Plus, with just 1 gram of sugar per serving, it's no surprise this is our all-time fan favorite!
  • Teriyaki

    Indulge in our Teriyaki jerky—sweet, tangy, and bursting with irresistible flavor. With the perfect blend of soy sauce, mirin, garlic, and other delicious ingredients, it's no wonder Teriyaki is a crowd favorite. Perfect for snacking anytime, anywhere.
  • BBQ

    Dive into the ultimate BBQ experience with our BBQ beef jerky! It starts off sweet and finishes with a spicy kick, delivering the rich, smoky depth of a backyard barbecue in every bite. Perfectly convenient, irresistibly delicious—it's BBQ bliss in jerky form. Fiery BBQ also available. Gluten Free    
  • Black Pepper & Garlic

    Prepare to embark on a flavor adventure with our Black Pepper & Garlic jerky! Immerse yourself in the tantalizing blend of rich roasted garlic and bold cracked black pepper—it's a taste sensation like no other. Gluten-free and MSG-free, this jerky is crafted to perfection, delivering an explosion of flavor with every bite. Brace yourself for a journey into savory bliss!
  • Korean BBQ

    Delight in the bold flavors of our Korean BBQ jerky! A tantalizing blend of sesame, soy sauce, garlic, and spices creates a sweet and tangy taste, perfectly capturing the rich smokiness of authentic Korean BBQ. No MSG.
  • Smokey Garlic

    Our Smokey Garlic is double smoked over real hickory and packed with roasted garlic and other savory spices. It's one of Bill's favorite, and since he makes the jerky you know it's good. Only 2 grams of sugar per serving. Gluten free and contains no MSG.
  • Fiery BBQ

    Get fired up with our Fiery BBQ jerky! This sizzling hot version of our classic BBQ flavor starts off sweet and finishes with a bold, spicy kick. Experience all the rich, smoky depth of a barbecue in the convenient form of jerky. Gluten-free
  • Create Your Own 3

    $13.97$75.58 or subscribe and save 10%

    Featured Special

    3 bags - 1 low price. Choose 1 of 4 bag sizes and then any flavor for each of the 3 bags - Strips or Steak Fries.   You'll also enjoy saving up to 20% vs buying them individually. Perfect to try something new or stock up on your favorites!
  • Lower Sodium Original

    Introducing our Lower Sodium Original flavor—an irresistible twist on our classic recipe! With 40% less salt, this handmade, hickory smoked jerky retains all the mouthwatering goodness of our Original. Crafted with a secret blend of spices, it strikes the perfect balance between smoky and savory.
    Gluten-free and MSG-free.
  • Create Your Own 6

    $23.94$141.71 or subscribe and save 10%
    This Combo Pack features 6 bags of delicious jerky - and you get to choose the bag size you want for all of them and then choose styles & flavors for each individual bag. And you'll save up to 20% vs. buying the bags individually! Note: The Steak Fries style is not available in any Turkey flavors.

    Prices: 1.75 oz bag: $23.94 / 3.5 oz bag: $39.74 / 1/2 Lb bag: $76.75 / 1 Lb bag: $141.71

  • Fiery Hot

    Get ready to turn up the heat with our Fiery Hot jerky! Infused with cayenne and a bold blend of spices, this flavor takes Big John’s Original to a scorching new level. Not for the faint of heart! Gluten-free and MSG-free.
  • Ghost Pepper

    Get ready for an exhilarating taste adventure with our Ghost Pepper flavor! This fiery blend harnesses the intense heat of one of the world's hottest peppers, masterfully balanced with savory spices and a touch of smokiness. It's a scorching sensation you'll remember long after the first bite. Brace yourself—this is by far our hottest flavor yet!
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