Jerky Perfection

Dive into the world of flavor with Big John’s Beef Jerky! Crafted from top-quality top round beef, each strip is meticulously seasoned and slow-smoked over real hickory for a taste sensation like no other. Whether you prefer savory strips or hearty steak fries, our jerky delivers a burst of bold flavor in every bite. And with our 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk – just pure, delicious satisfaction. Elevate your snacking experience with Big John’s Beef Jerky today!

Jerky Styles

Now available in 2 unique styles!

Big John's Jerky Strips Jerky of the Month


These jerky strips are how Big John’s fans have been enjoying the jerky for over 25 years. These are not the leathery, dried out beef jerky strips you may be used to with most brands. Instead, our time-tested, unique process results in strips are thin, easy to eat, and great to share with friends.

Warning: Sharing Big John’s Beef Jerky with others often results in continual harassment for more jerky. But you’ll also make many new friends. Guaranteed.


Our Steak Fries are a much thicker cut of jerky, they are called Steak Fries because they are about the size and shape of a steak fry. If you want a big thick cut of delicious smoked beef to really sink your teeth into, this is it.

No matter if you tear off a small piece at a time, or attack these fries all at once, the experience will be like none you have ever had. Guaranteed.

The Process

You’ll notice the difference from other brands as soon as you open the bag. Seriously. We hand make our jerky in small batches like it was made in the old west. Our patent pending process starts by taking thick cuts of prime US beef, adding John’s secret blend of spices, and slow smoking it for more than 14 hours (that’s more than 3x the industry standard). Big John’s Beef Jerky is unlike any other jerky brand, period!

14 hour smoking with hickory chips!

Artisanal process developed and perfected from original recipe handed down.