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featured flavor for February: Lower Sodium Original

One of our most popular flavors for over a decade.

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BIG JOHN’s Jerky is the BEST on the planet!!! Love the new Black Pepper ‘n Garlic flavor. Would love to buy some in bigger bags. YOUR JERKY ROCKS!!!!!

L. Davis

Yay! It looks fantastic! I’m so happy it’s more mobile friendly! Congrats!

P Ashley Frickle,

The jerky is just fantastic quality (the meat is high quality and tastes great), and considering the cost, I definitely feel I’m getting MORE than I deserve. Thanks!


I’ve been ordering this stuff for a while now and it never fails to impress, keep up the great work!

Josh T.

Terrific product. Great service. Very professional. And…this is the best jerky I have ever tasted…By far.

Manav S.

I love your jerky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you already knew that.